Sakarya Botanik Industry and Trade Inc. in 2006, "SMS Marmara Group" under the "Ancient Japanese Earthquake Housing Sakarya-Bilecik 3.Km Place Courthouse Road turnoff Kumbasi Village" was established in the area of ​​270 acres. 

            Sakarya Botanik Industry and Trade Inc. the nursery is belonging, "leafy species, conifers, shrubs, bonsai species, shrub species, herbaceous and instrumental genres, wrapping species, semi-dwarf species, some fruit varieties, palm species, exotic species from" pot of 1,000,000 units per year engaged in the production of ornamental plants.

            The purpose of the company's organization, the Group companies, "Sakarya Nursery Greenhouse San. Tic. A.Ş. 's production of 2500 acres of land, even though the plants of semi-finished product by making the appropriate containers based on the types of plant species and is primarily meet the needs of the plant SMS Marmara Group companies domestic and overseas market. For this purpose, the company "within the greenhouse area of ​​10.000m2," "5,000 m2 hangar space and pot plant", "5.000m2 canopy" and "automatic irrigation systems" include every type of equipment required for plant health.

             Sakarya Botanik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. dealing with projects and landscaping applications at home and abroad under the scope of foundation, exports goods extensively to Central Asia, Middle East and Caucasus Republics; moreover, provides landscaping applications as well.


            Turkey is a country where you can see four seasons at the same time. It consists of different ecological specialities and possibilities to produce different kinds of ornamental plants on fertile land.

             Due to our strength and trustfulness it is our aim to produce decoration plants of world standards` quality and to become a leading company in the world´s sector of ornamental plants.


           Setting off with our experienced engineers and perfect technological substructure and the idea of producing young plants of high quality standards we´ve established the following companies in a short time:

  • The Marmara Nurseries Greenhouse Inc. Co. in Istanbul-Pendik/ Kurtköy in 1994
  • The Sakarya Nurseries Greenhouse Inc. Co. in Sakarya-Pamukova in 1999
  • The Sakarya Botanik Inc. Co. in a village in Sakarya- Adliye in 2006
  • The Antalya Ornamental  Plants Inc. Co. in Antalya in 2012
  • The Marsa Landscape structures Inc. Istanbul-Pendik/ Kurtköy in 2012
  • The Hydrobalance Inc. Co.-(Turkey Distributor) Istanbul-Pendik/ Kurtköy in 2012
  • The Marmara İnternational Inc. United Arab Emirates in 2014

          We have proved to us and the sector that we´ve succeeded in producing ornamental plants with quality and high adaptation in different parts of Turkey. We are willing to grow up and to keep on our path offering you our services and several new projects.

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